Welcome to the UPCA (यूपी-का) – UK family :

  • UPCA (यूपी-का) – UK was formed to provide a common platform for the people of Uttar Pradesh, India. Anyone who is from Uttar Pradesh, India or has close links with Uttar Pradesh is welcome to join this group.
  • If you are interested to be part of this big family please click on the button below and enter all information and click submit. Admin will be happy to add you in the group after verification.
  • There will not be any discrimination based on the caste, religion, profession, sex or political affiliation in this group.
  • All members are expected to work for the welfare of Uttar Pradesh, India and United Kingdom.
  • Philosophy of this group is to consider our motherland (India) as ‘Bharat Mata’, any disrespect to this core philosophy will not be acceptable from anyone within the group. At the same time, any disrespect to the country where we currently live in (United Kingdom) will also not be acceptable.
  • If you have any query, please click on the contact box below or email to upcauk@gmail.com


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