UPCA (यूपी-का) – UK (Uttar Pradesh Community Association of United Kingdom)

UPCA (यूपी-का) – UK (Uttar Pradesh Community Association of United Kingdom) “parivaar” is truly an openhearted community that was formed to unite the people living in the United Kingdom whose roots are in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Primary objectives to create UPCA (यूपी-का) – UK community are –

  • Give a common platform to represent people of Uttar Pradesh in the United Kingdom.
  • Connect people of Uttar Pradesh who are scattered in different parts of the United Kingdom and unite them as a close-knit extended family.
  • Brings together a variety of people with different skills, ideas and resources to address issues related to Uttar Pradesh, India and United Kingdom;
  • Stimulate debate and discussion to provoke community-led action for the welfare of the society;
  • Provide a platform for its members to share their common culture, arrange get togethers, celebrate festivals, organise cultural events and social welfare program.
  • Preserve and promote the Uttar Pradesh culture, ethos, family values and tradition and pass them to our next generation
  • Work with the local government bodies and be an interface between the state of Uttar Pradesh and United Kingdom through arts, crafts, and cultural exchange.

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